VAI System 2000 (AS/400)

Vormittag Associates Inc (VAI)

Efficient Computer Systems is an authorized reseller of VAI System 2000, a completely integrated suite of business applications with state of the art features for for the Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Distribution industries.

System 2000 is robust, stable, and flexible. It’s a proven solution for some of the most demanding businesses in the country.

Financial Software
System 2000’s financial management modules provide complete integration and help you tighten control over payables and receivables, improve cash flow and react to business cycles.

Distribution Software
System 2000 for Distribution provides state-of-the-art order processing and inventory control functions.

Manufacturing Software
System 2000 for Manufacturing covers the manufacturing and assembly processes from customer order through production.

Warehouse Logistics
System 2000’s Warehouse Pro application helps you enhance productivity, improve overall warehouse efficiency and provides real-time integration to System’s 2000 Enterprise Management solution.

Customer Relationship Management Software
SalesLinx application provides Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management capabilities.