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We have been helping customers grow in several states since 1982.

Specializing in the IBM as/400 midrange family, as well as PCs and



With a consulting company, you have the experience and expertise of not just
one person but the entire company. We have individuals trained and
experienced in programming and system analysis on the systems
mentioned. We have expertise in PC workstation emulation, installation,
cabling, communications and system operations.

Computer Training


We can give you hands-on training by people who not only have experience
in system operation and programming in the field but also experience in
teaching you to aid your staff in a greater understanding of the topics
discussed. We also train in windows operating systems as well. Training
can be done at your location or ours.

Customer Satisfaction


We work to your satisfaction. When we write software for you, it is to
your specifications. While some companies develop software for you and
give you the executable code, we believe that if you pay for the
software, you should get the source code. If the time comes that you
should no longer need consultation, the source code is available for
your own in house modification. We also document everything we do to
your satisfaction. Bundled software for various types of businesses are
already available for customizing to meet your specific needs and there
is no monthly service fee

Efficient Computer Systems Awarded GSA Schedule 70
Hickory, NC- January 29, 2013-
PR Newswire

Efficient Computer Systems Inc., a leading Information Technology (IT)
solutions provider, is pleased to announce that they have been awarded
GSA Schedule 70 contract (GS-35F-007AA) and are now certified to supply information technology equipment, software and solutions to the Federal Government. Acknowledging the
growth in federal spending through the GSA, Efficient Computer Systems has listed their TCP/IP terminal solutions on the government’s electronic ordering system, GSA

“This schedule opens up significantly more markets throughout the
country and affords us an opportunity to provide federal agencies with
the latest networking products,” states Easton Yoder, President at
Efficient Computer Systems Inc. He adds: “Our schedule will expand our
reach beyond the federal government to numerous state and municipal
governments as we can now offer them a wide selection of enterprise
level technology services at fixed government pricing.”

Efficient Computer Systems offer a wide range of software
and hardware tools
to increase business productivity and
income. They have partnered with leading technology providers to
provide a comprehensive selection that can be fine-tuned to their
client’s specific needs. In addition to name-brand hardware, Efficient
Computer Systems also provides a vast selection of software; computer
and laptop repair; networking services (including wired and wireless
routing); programming services; and barcode scanners and equipment.
Efficient Computer Systems also offers hands-on training; their
professional trainers have experience in system operation, programming
in the field, and extensive experience in instruction to aid their
clients to a better understanding of the topics and systems discussed.

“E”-waste is one of the fastest growing environmental issues. In an
effort to help the environment, Efficient Computer Systems offers FREE
laptop and computer recycling/disposal services to all of their clients
as well as the general public. Their program is a Zero
Landfill e-waste disposal solution
with recycled laptops and
desktops staying in the United States and being disposed of properly.

About Efficient Computer Systems Inc.:
Founded in 1982 and based in Hickory, North Carolina,
Efficient Computer Systems has been helping both large and small
companies to design and install systems to fit their business needs.
Their systems are easily expandable, with quick installation, and
competitive pricing. Efficient Computer Systems is committed to helping
clients deploy a system that will be reliable, provide maximum
flexibility, and be upgradeable Their staff works with clients in
choosing software and systems tailored to their requirements.